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Did you know ?

Food Exporters could reach

1000s of new customers in Europe !

Where are your great Products ?

The typical continental European customer who would be interested in your products does not even know that these products exist !

Fact 1: Food Products via Internet

Buying food products via internet will become as normal as people buy other goods as electronics, cosmetics, products of daily use etc. While people were still quite reluctant to order food products via internet 1, 2 years ago the volume and number of orders is now continuously growing. According to a Price Waterhouse Case Study from 2018 already 40% of customers in Germany plan to order food products via internet in the next 12 months.

Fact 2: Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba & Co

While mostly all food manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and sometimes also small corner shops have their own web shop, the majority of consumers prefer to buy on established plattforms due to several reasons (Guarantee, Payment methods, delivery etc.). In Europe the leading plattform is undoubtedly Amazon, far ahead of others. With its B2B Platform Amazon is also continuously reaching more and more business customers and establishing itself an e procurement plattform.

By the way: The largest Amazon Platform (turnovervise and number of customers/users) right after Amazon.com is Amazon Germany, as German is the most spoken languange in the EU, even before English, French and Spanish and Italian (Therefore also Swiss and Austrian people use Amazon Germany).

Fact 3: Changing Eating Habits, Bollywood Movies, Health Industry

and its Effects on Popularity of Indian Food in Europe

• The word „Bollywood“ has become an inherant part in daily language in Europe and is also used as synoym for almost everything (positive) related to India.

• The Bollywood Movie Industry is a solid part of the entertainment industry in Europe. Even more among people who are not of Indian-/Asian origin

• A continuous change in Eating behaviour ( for health and moral/ethical reasons) is leading to more demand for vegetarian styles of cooking, at least dishes with less meat. Together with positive Effects from the Bollywood Movie Industry this had led to growing popularity of Indian food / Indian Cooking style because of its diversity and wide range of tasty vegetarian dishes.

• Last but not least, the European (and US) Health Industry is literally pushing the popularity of spices and ingredients which are commonly used in traditional Indian Cooking ever since and are based in the old ayurvedic knowledge.

Fact 4 : Winners & Loosers

Having identified the increasing demand for such „exotic“ food products and realizing that consumer demand is not satisfied the large European Retail Giants like Aldi, Lidl, Netto - just to name a few - have successfully started to fill that niche and launched first series of ready to eat Indian Dishes, Lasi, Spices, Snacks etc., originally Made in Germany or Europe only by EU Companies with some slight touch of Indian Kitchen and fantastic attracting names.

However also smaller domestic European food companies have found that niche and offer their own creations.

Indian Food Manufacturers and Exporters do not play any role in that business in continental Europe and can just watch the Multi Million Euro Game from the corner of the playfield as spectators, as the classic Indian Food Export Business has a major gap !

Classic Export Business and it's gap

How to reach Group 3 ?

5-8 % of the whole population (Diagram 2) in Continental Europe can be

considered as potential buyers of Indian Food products. Only within the EU

(exclusive UK) this is a group of 35 -45 Million potential buyers. (Just in the

German speaking countries this is a group of about 8-10 Million potential


Classic Export Business does not even reach 1 % of the potential sales volume, as Group 3 is completely ignored. Group 3 has a complete different buying behaviour and different demands (compared to Group 1, Diagram 1) and is currently only served with a very small product range by European Retail Giants with kind of Indian Style products. On the other hand, classic Buyers / Import Partners of Export Companies can not fullfill these requirements for different reasons.

Why traditional Importers / Distributors in continental Europe can not meet these requirements - Few Facts in brief

Last but not least - BREXIT

With BREXIT, which has been postponed for a short while, but very likely to become effecitve soon, Export Business (and access) to Continental Europe will become more complicated. As most distributors and wholesale partners are situated in the UK, it is currently simple and easy to further export/transport to continental Europe and such countries, which are also member of the EU. Once UK has left the EU, all exports from the UK and imports to the EU will be considered as Imports from any other Third Party Country. Goods will have to undergo extra customs examinations and import duty and levy will be charged again, which will cost time and money and reduce margins.

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